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This is an important year for our Home and School, as we make the change to a digital platform. This website will be your resource for Home and School events and information throughout the school year. 

* Use the "Committees" tab to learn about our events and volunteer.

* Our event calendar for the year is found under the "Calendar" tab.

* "More info" will allow you to view meeting minutes and find copies of the various forms and flyers that we send home.

* If you'd like to volunteer for a specific event, look under the "Volunteer" tab. NOTE: This tab will not appear until you log in.

* The "Class Volunteer" tab allows you to volunteer for the various class parties we hold every year. NOTE: This tab will not appear until you log in.

* Membership dues can be paid by clicking "Membership Drive" under the "For Sale" tab at the top. Membership will get you added to our monthly email updates and give you access to our online directory.

* We are offering access to the App seperate from membership dues this year. 


***Look for the Paperless PTO app in your relevant app store ***





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Hunt Club HSO officers