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Welcome to our Holiday Party FAQ page:

Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about holiday parties. 

Volunteer Coordinator 2019-2020: Sandy Thomas (sandmirand@hotmail.com)


1) I've signed up for a spot at a party, now what? Congrats, you'll be able to attend the scheduled party in your child's classroom! You will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator with the emails of the other members attending the party at least two weeks before the event. You'll be able to discuss ideas and coordinate your party at that time. At least one week prior, you will be contacted with specific details for check-in procedues to use the day of the party. 

2) All of the spots are filled for the party I want! What do I do? Don't worry! We also have sign-ups for a "wait list" for each party. If someone is unable to attend the party, we will contact "wait list" people to fill those spots. Spots often do open, as people's schedules do change over the year.

3) I'm on the wait list for the entire year! HELP! If you are unable to sign up for any party and are forced to "wait list" for the entire year, please email our Volunteer Coordinator and we will see if we can find you a spot. Please keep in mind that our parties are limited to 4 people per event. With 3 events over the course of the year, we only have room for a total of 12 parents to participate! Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to attend a party. We will do our best to help with "wait list" issues.

4) Is it okay if I sign up for another family member? Yes! We don't expect every family member to make thier own account on the website. If you do sign up for another family member, please email our Volunteer Coordinator with the correct name of the person attending so that we can let the office know who to expect that day. 

5) I signed up, but can no longer attend. What do I do? We understand that schedules change. We have a "Wait List" specifically for this. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator and she will help you remove yourself and put the next person in place. 

6) Do I really need to bring my Photo ID? Yes! The office requires that we verify your identy before checking you into the building and allowing you access to the students. This is also why we need to know who to expect the day of the party, so we can have an accurate list of who is in the building. 

7) How will the parties work exactly? Basically, all the parties work the same. You and the other parent volunteers are guests in the classroom. It is your responsibilty to bring in crafts or games to entertain the students during the party. The students will be split into 4 groups that will rotate to each craft and game. Please make sure that anything you bring in for the party is desgined to last 5-8 minutes, as this is the usual amount of time for each rotation during the party. Also, as guests in the classroom, please make sure you act accordingly! Plan some clean-up time so that you leave the classroom in the same condition you found it in. 


Crafts Help:

- Plan a craft that can be completed in 5-8 minutes. If your child couldn't complete your craft in this amount of time, you may need to find another.
- Prepare your craft in advance! Premake and divide the pieces for your craft prior to arrival. This way, each student can grab their materials and get right to work. The less time the students spend prepping the craft means more time completing the craft!
- Please be considerate of the mess your craft makes. If you use glitter, make slime, or other messy activites, please be sure to leave ample time to clean up! It is not the responsibility of our building staff to clean up excessive messes left in classrooms!

Games Help:

- Plan a game that lasts 5-8 minutes. This is the usual amount of time that needs to be filled during each rotation. 
- Be mindful of the available space during the party! You will have a portion of the classroom and a small area in the hallway outside the room available for the game. Please choose a game that will fit in this area.
- Please be considerate of the classroom when planning your game. Avoid throwing or kicking objects around the room!