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President description: Shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and appoint committees not otherwise specified, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee. The president may vote when voting is by ballot; in other cases, the president may cast a vote to break a tie. 

Other Responsibilities:

1. Attend monthly H&S officer meetings.

2. Attend monthly H&S meetings. Set agenda and approve buget report for these meetings. 

3. Set Calendar dates - done in June, before the new school year. All dates must be approved by the school administration prior to calendar being set. 

4. Set yearly budget - done in May or June, before the new school year. Budget must be approved by the new board, after elections. 

5. Plan annual goals for H&S Organization. 

6. Appoint committee chairs where applicable. 

7. Coordinate annual fall fundraiser. 

8. Correspond with Executive Board, Committee Chairmen, and H&S members regarding monthly meetings, updates, and any pertinent information. 

9. Meet regularly with school administrators as a liasion between parents and school.

10. Sign checks and work closely with Treasurer regarding and financial questions or concerns.

11. Review all propasals, fundraising, and budget concerns.

12. Field all questions and concerns from parents, teachers, and staff. Answer and address questions and comments from the public at large, including salesmen and vendors. 

13. Manage online calendar on H&S website. Ensure all dates are correctly listed and update any chages to the calendar during the year. 

14. Work with website manager to ensure all relevent documentation is online and availble.